Support the Center for the Arts of Homer Downtown Revitalization Initiative Funding

Patrons of the Center for the Arts of Homer (C4A) can show support for DRI (Downtown Revitalization Initiative) funding to the C4A’s latest project: to restore and redevelop the abandoned former Episcopal Church on the Village Green for use as community center, education center, and expanded arts, cultural and historic venue, that will support economic development, tourism and quality of life.

Case for support: The 1832 former church complex is the oldest church in Cortland County and a cornerstone of the Village Green. It was abandoned a number of years ago and has fallen into such disrepair that it is danger of being lost. It is in critical condition, located next to the elementary school, and requires immediate attention. Time is of the essence.

The Center now owns the complex and will collaborate with area nonprofits, school districts, colleges and local community groups to make it accessible for programs that support community development and continued revitalization of downtown Homer.

But, without sufficient DRI funding, the project cannot be successfully undertaken, and the building will surely be lost – along with the community potential that will come from its successful redevelopment. 

The patrons and supporters of the Center for the Arts of Homer value the contribution the Center for the Arts has made to Homer and the surrounding region, and request it receive the resources it requested through DRI to accomplish this project. We support that $950,000 in DRI funding be directed to this project with the understanding that the Center for the Arts will raise the balance through other sources. The Center for the Arts will be responsible for ongoing operation, maintenance and financial support of the building.

Please sign the petition of support below: