Strategic Plan 2020-2025


To enrich the quality of life in our community and region by providing access to the creative arts in all its expressive forms, cultivating cultural, educational and civic engagement, and preserving a historic site for future generations.


To be the premier venue in Upstate New York for artistic expression and appreciation.


Community: Work tirelessly to establish and enhance partnerships that demonstrate the power of the arts in creating opportunities for cultural enrichment and education, economic development and civic engagement.

Responsibility: Serve as faithful stewards of human, environmental and fiscal resources, maintain the highest level of integrity in all activities and ensure the long-term sustainability of the Center through prudent financial planning.

Excellence and Innovation: Maintain the highest standards of professionalism, skill and leadership across board members, staff, and volunteers to create a culture that places the highest value on transformative thinking and practices.

Access: Provide eclectic, affordable programming to attract demographically diverse audiences and offer a welcoming and engaging environment for people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds.

Touchstone: Strive to be a model for other small towns throughout the nation that aspire to offer multi-faceted and high-quality cultural experiences that enrich their communities.

Education: Promote activities and programs that demonstrate the value of arts education in creating an inspired workforce and well-rounded, engaged individuals.


Collaborate with diverse organizations, businesses and communities to form transparent,
respectful, and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Work to secure the financial resources necessary to fulfill our mission, grow responsibly, and ensure our vitality for future generations. Initiate planning to ensure the Center’s physical locations are fully operational and meet standards of best practice.

Excellence and Innovation
Produce and promote a diverse array of performances, exhibitions, and educational offerings that expand and affirm the definition of artistic excellence with emphasis on creative risk-taking. Attract, retain, and develop exceptional board members, staff and volunteers to ensure the appropriate people are positioned to serve the Center and advance its mission.

Maintain the highest quality of interactions between visitors and staff at all levels – including website and onsite navigation – and ensure that the Center communicates a sense of welcome and engagement at all times. Recognize the spectrum of diversity within the region and community and reflect that spectrum through programming and outreach.

Increase the profile of the Center regionally and nationally to become a recognized leader in the arts and cultural fabric of the community.

Utilize the Center’s artistic and human resources to create educational opportunities that enhance the human experience and build environments in which the arts and art education thrive.