Piano Lessons & Brass Instrument Lessons

Piano Lessons and Brass Lessons (trombone, trumpet, French horn, tuba, baritone/euphonium) are now available at the Center for the Arts of Homer.

Nick Abelgore freelances throughout CNY as a trombonist, collaborative pianist, and pipe organist. Classically and jazz-trained, he has a versatile performance resume that features jazz combos, chamber and large ensembles, wedding bands, churches, choirs, senior living communities, yoga studios, acoustic folk groups, recital accompaniment, and more.

Informed by his multi-instrumentality and yoga practice, Nick’s teaching style is holistic and intuitive and encourages well-rounded musicianship through relaxation, mastering the fundamentals, and creative choice. Lessons are available to all ages of kids and adults – beginners, intermediate, and advanced.

Nick has a Master’s in Music Education from Syracuse University and is a certified yoga & meditation instructor. Other non-work interests include rock climbing, tattoos, hiking, and studying French.


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