Mizu Marbling Art

Experience the magic of water marbling!

September 22 at 7:00pm
This class will be making Water Marbling scarves.
$50 per person

What is “mizu marbling” you ask? Mizu means “water” in Japanese. Water marbling has a long history dating back to the 1100’s. It is believed to have started in Japan as a form of inks floating on water. As the years past it was used in other parts of the world for decorative book bindings and even for anti-forgery on currency. Today the techniques are simpler and can be used on paper, fabric and even wood! This beautiful and unique art form was so secretive in its process that not one artist would do the entire piece from beginning to end.

You now have the opportunity to experience the magic of this art for yourself. You do not have to be an artist, as a matter of fact anyone of any age and skill level can make a beautiful one of a kind work of art.

Please register below. Once registered, please call 607-749-4900 to pay for your class. All payments must be completed before September 22.