Beyond The Classroom: A Cinematic Series Exploring the Art and Science of Learning

A seasonal movie screening and discussion for adults with a breakout activity session for kids!

Joining forces with multiple educational organizations from our region, the theme of this series is exploring the variety of educational pathways. The series will be informative and present a variety of theories/practices/concepts/ideas to spark curiosity, thought, community connections, innovation, partnerships, conversations, and plant seeds for future pathways. Light refreshments will be available. 

No Admission Fee, but donations will be accepted for each of the individual educational partners.



Films Begin at 6:00pm

End time goal: 8:00pm


February 22nd – “Democratic Education”

Film: School Circles
School Circles is an independent documentary that explores the practice of democratic schools in the Netherlands. The film shows students, teachers and staff members coming together to dialogue, discuss proposals, mediate conflicts and make decisions about their school life. These schools not only challenge the mainstream education, but also democracy as we know it. They put into practice Sociocracy, a method for collective organisation based on a systems perspective, in which the decisions are made by hearing all the voices and getting everyone’s consent.
School Circles connects the theory of sociocracy to its practice within schools, taking us to new possibilities of organising ourselves and our communities.

Host: Forest Learning Collective

Kids’ Activities: Rock Painting with the Center for the Arts of Homer



May 16th – “Arts in Education”

Film: Wide Open Sky
Wide Open Sky is an uplifting documentary about a children’s choir in a remote corner of outback Australia. Out here, footy is king and music education is rare as rain. The children travel far from home to music camp to prepare for a big concert in Coonamble. They have three days to learn a demanding repertoire. Wide Open Sky follows four primary-aged children brave enough to dream big. While the choir means something different to each of them, it matters a hell-of-a-lot to all of them. Moving and funny, the film reminds us why no child, anywhere, should grow up without music.

Host: Cortland Collective Impact Initiative (Access to Arts)

Kids’ Activities: Art and Music Stations with Bryn Carr



August 15th – “Importance of Play”

Film: The Power of Play – The unexpected truth about play in nature
Lizards do it. Even fish do it. The animal world is showing us why play is a serious matter. Through a combination of ongoing experiments, reconstructed experiments and guided observation, The Power of Play reveals surprising truths about play in the natural world. Scientists from Europe, the United States and Canada, many of them pioneers in the field, offer convincing evidence that play is not to be taken lightly. In fact, it has the power to make animals and humans smarter, healthier and more likely to survive.

Host: Cloud 9 Enrichment

Kids’ Activities: Lego building and snacks with Cloud 9 instructors



October 17th – “History and Importance of Agricultural Education”

Film: 100 Years of 4H
Starting more than 100 years ago, clubs were created to unite students with passions for agriculture. In 1902, the first club, either named “The Tomato Club” or “The Corn Growing Club,” is coined with being the birth of 4-H in the United States.

Host: Jamie Smart, Agriculture Instruction Specialist at Truxton Academy

Kids’ Activities: Agriculture activity stations with Truxton Acaemy instructors