Center Players is the community theater program at the Center for the Arts. Currently, there are three opportunities for upcoming productions:

Auditions will occur Tuesday, November 8 from 6pm – 8pm 

Please come prepared to read from a script, or come prepared with a monologue. 

at the Center for the Arts 
72 S. Main St. 
Homer, NY 13077 

Gifts of the Magi (Radio Play)
A live recording of the play will take place on December 10th in front of a live audience at the 1890 House in Cortland.
To be broadcast on FM 101.5 Always Classic on Christmas Day

Directed by Greg Moller
This tells the classic O. Henry short story, through music and lyrics, of the young couple in New York on Christmas Eve 1905, who loved each other so much that each sold his most prized possession to buy the other a Christmas present. Their special gifts bring a touching reaffirmation of their unselfish love.


Mary (Narrator)
Della’s sister, Bailey’s aunt and our storyteller. She has a youthful, relatable attitude, is full of energy and spins a good yarn.
Female, late 30s

Della and Jim’s son. The average zoomer, he is intelligent, playful, perceptive and adores his aunt. He is also extremely bored.
Male, teen / early teen

The main protagonist, appearing as her younger, poorer self.  She is attractive, passionate, kind, a bit meek, and very in love with Jim. She has an enviable head of exceptionally long, full, luxurious hair.
Female, early 20s

Della’s husband, also appearing as his younger, poorer self. He is handsome, affable, witty, confident, and very in love with Della. His prize possession is a pocket watch that is a family heirloom, passed down from father to son for generations.
Male, early 20s

Mme. Sophronie
The extremely flamboyant owner of Sophronie Salon, to whom Della sells her hair. The Madame is an aggressively savvy businessperson, outspoken, opinionated and aggressive. She’s a relatively good-natured shark.
Gender, age indeterminate

Abraham Balthazar
The mild-mannered owner of Balthazar & Son Jewelers. Unbeknownst to Della, Jim sells his watch to Abraham before Della buys the watch chain, making him something of an inadvertent linchpin in their little drama.
Male, 50s or older

The Elephant Man
Rehearsals begin January 16, Performances February 17-19  and February 24-26

Directed by Louise Felker
The script is based upon the life of John Merrick, a man so physically deformed that he became known as the “Elephant Man.” With very few options, Merrick is forced to display himself to the public in traveling sideshows. Eventually, however, he finds himself alone and destitute in London. Due to the kindness of one Dr. Frederick Treves, Merrick is soon admitted into the London Hospital for care and observation. Treves becomes determined to help Merrick lead a normal life, and Merrick soon becomes the toast of society. In the end, however, John Merrick, The Elephant Man, finds that normality isn’t something he can achieve or even wants.


FREDERICK TREVES – a surgeon and teacher
CARR GOMM – administrator of the London Hospital
ROSS – Manager of the Elephant Man
JOHN MERRICK – the Elephant Man
THREE PINHEADS – three women freaks whose heads are pointed
MAN – at a fairground in Brussels
CONDUCTOR – of Ostend-London boat train
PORTER – at the London Hospital
SNORK – also a porter
MRS. KENDAL – an actress


As You Like It
Rehearsals begin July 3, Performances August 11-13 and August 18-20 (Suggett Park and two community locations) 

Directed by Louise Felker
Rosalind and her cousin escape into the forest and find Orlando, Rosalind’s love. Disguised as a boy shepherd, Rosalind has Orlando woo her under the guise of “curing” him of his love for Rosalind. Rosalind reveals she is a girl and marries Orlando during a group wedding at the end of the play.  Learn more HERE


Duke Senior, exiled to the Forest of Arden when his younger brother usurped his throne.

Duke Frederick- a usurper, who took the throne from his brother and banished him from the land.

Amiens– a lord attending on the exiled Duke.

Jaques– a lord in Duke Senior’s party, a man who affects melancholy and whose name sounds the same as another word for ‘chamberpot.

Le Beau– a courtier of Duke Frederick’s.

Charles -the Duke’s wrestler. An honorable fellow, he comes to dissuade Oliver from letting Orlando participate in the wrestling the next day.

Oliver -the eldest son of Sir Rowland de Boys, and his heir.

Orlando -the youngest son of the deceased Sir Rowland de Boys.

Adam -an old servant of Sir Rowland’s, who greatly affections Orlando.

Denis -Oliver’s servant. He brings in Charles the wrestler.

Touchstone -Duke Frederick’s jester, and so fond of Celia that he is willing to abandon the court to follow her to the forest, for all that he does not enjoy rural life.

Sir Oliver Martext -a country vicar who is not considered likely to do his job well, which is the very reason Touchstone hopes to use him rather than another for his marriage to Audrey.

Corin -an old shepherd/ess in the Forest of Arden. He does not own the sheep he tends, as he is another man’s worker.

Silvius- a young shepherd, desperately in love with Phoebe and unwilling to believe that the aged can possibly understand his torment.

William -a countryman in love with Audrey.

Hymen -the God of Marriage.

Rosalind -the Old Duke’s daughter. When Duke Frederick took power, he did not exile her, and she and her cousin Celia soon became inseparable friends.

Celia -Duke Frederick’s daughter. When the latter took power, she became acquainted with her cousin Rosalind, and they were soon inseparable.

Phebe -a dark-featured, black-haired, large-eyed shepherdess beloved by Silvius.

Audrey -a goatherd Touchstone lusts after, and perhaps even loves.

Pages, Lords, and Ladies