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Established in 2005, the Gallery at the Center has held over 150+ exhibits featuring local, regional and nationally known artists.

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Gallery Curator: Bryna Silbert
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Old and New Works
By Frida Kamau

Closing Reception 
Wednesday June 14 
3:30 - 6:30pm
(note: there is no "opening reception" for this exhibit)

On View April 30 - June 14 

Frida Kamau was born in Kenya and lives and makes art in Brooklyn, NY. Currently, her work focuses on botanical installations and sculptures.

The Center for The Arts of Homer presents:



in The Gallery Friday June 14, 2023, 3:30 to 6:30



Join us Wednesday June 14, 2023 at 7:PM 3 speakers will

share their expertise on a diverse range of art related topics

Frida Kamau: this Kenyan born, Brooklyn based artist,

designer, sculptor & botanic installer who works with private

and commercial clients to find creative and esthetic solutions

for their spaces, events and life, will discuss

“Why Make Art in 2023?”

Jo Schaffer: multiple degrees in french, art history and art

education from City University of NY, the Sorbonne, Paris and

Binghamton University and almost 30 years at the Art and Art

History Department of SUNY Cortland give her a plethora of

knowledge for this subject

“Just Looking! How & Why We See”

Linda Dickerson Hartsock: teaches creative

entrepreneurship and venture development as a faculty member

of SU’s Whitman School of Management and led the $46 million

Connective Corridor project, a partnership between SU, the City

of Syracuse and Onondaga County that spurred nearly $200

million in downtown investment. She will lead a discussion on

how arts led initiatives profoundly change communities

“How The Arts Build A Creative Economy”

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Gallery Submissions

The Gallery at The Center for the Arts of Homer is presently booked through mid 2025.

We are reevaluating our application system and prepping a new area at the Center that will allow us to display more local art. At this time submissions for consideration may be sent to:

The Gallery Coordinator is Terri Fendya
The Gallery Curator is Bryna Silbert