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Established in 2005, the Gallery at the Center has held over 150+ exhibits featuring local, regional and nationally known artists.

Gallery Hours are 11am – 4pm Tuesday – Friday, during special events and concerts, and by appointment. Call: 607-749-4900 or email

Gallery Curator: Bryna Silbert
Gallery Manager: Terri Fendya


The Road to Nowhere
series and selected other works
by Joy Adams

On View: Oct 20 through Dec 8, 2023
Artist reception - Friday October 27, 2023, 4:00pm till 7:00pm
“The word ‘art’ has only three letters but it is a symbol for an expansive experience,” she observed. “Without it I would feel as though I had ended my life without completing it. Art was my salvation.”
After teaching painting and drawing at Ithaca College for 25 years Adams retired in 2006 and is currently Professor Emeritus. She was awarded a NYFA Fellowship in 2010 and her work is included in numerous museum and private collections. 

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Gallery Submissions

The Gallery at The Center for the Arts of Homer is presently booked through mid 2025.

We are reevaluating our application system and prepping a new area at the Center that will allow us to display more local art. At this time submissions for consideration may be sent to:

The Gallery Coordinator is Terri Fendya
The Gallery Curator is Bryna Silbert