Agrarian Arts Initiative

The Agrarian Arts Initiative is ongoing effort to organize local farms and food enterprises, putting them in the pilot seat of projects and programs in collaboration with the Center for the Arts.

Farmers and creatives in the agrarian space are invited to monthly networking gatherings, with the intention to generate meaningful connection and provide a fertile ground for these cultivators to do what they do, and bring that value to the wider community. This foundational network has already been successful in supporting transitions to local sourcing, aligning vendors with events, devising workshops and classes, as well as other finite and ongoing projects still just beginning to sprout.

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RSVP for June 28th Agrarian Arts Gathering Ft. Adam Carlin:

Adam Carlin is a socially engaged artist and owner of  Talkrot gourmet mushroom farm based in Tully, NY. Learn about Carlin’s interest in bridging environmental education, the arts, and entrepreneurship and hear about strategies he utilizes to engage communities around these topics. In addition, Carlin will be bringing an assortment of gourmet mushrooms to sample and even a visit by his mobile educational chicken coop, Hen Institute.

If you’d like to bring something additional to share, we will have a table for that as well!

Event Start: 6:00pm

Location: The Center for the Arts of Homer, Theater (72 S main St, Homer NY 13077)

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The Homer Regional Farmers Market

A fresh approach to a farmers’ market in the village of Homer, taking place Saturday Mornings on the grounds of the Center for the Arts in Spring, Summer, and Fall.

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